DKQHA Youth Team for Virtuel Youth World Cup 2020 består af Amalie Tange Veien, Malin Wensaas og Aurora K. Brustad. Herunder kan du læse mere om de tre dygtige piger, der i november måned repræsenterer Danmark ved Virtuel Youth World Cup (VYWC)

Amalie Tange Veien
“My name is Amalie Tange Veien, I am 18 years  I started riding horses before I even could walk on my own legs. Previously I rode dressage and jumping, but in 2016 I started riding western, I have several placements and medals in different Championships. We have  won multiple gold medals at the Danish Championships, and silver and bronze at the AQHA Eurocup 2019. I also competed at the Youth World Cup 2018, which was a fantastic experience, this year is different, but I will do my best!”

Foto: John Jensen, taselvfoto

Malin Wensaas
“Hello! My name is Malin Wensaas, and I am 18 years old. I’ve been riding western for the past seven years, and this will be my second Youth World Cup! .My favorite classes are horsemanship and showmanship, with several top placements.This year is going to be different, but I looking forward to do my best.”

Aurora K. Brustad
“Hi, my name is Aurora Kiil Brustad, and I am 16 years old. I have been competing western since I was 8 years old. This will be my third time at the AQHA Youth World Cup. I was so looking forward to meet new and old friends, but we just have to make the best of it this year. 
My favorite classes are cutting and ranch riding, where I have multiple medals from previous Youth World Cups.”